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Luxury Villas in Santa Maria di Leuca

Fraction of Castrignano del Capo in the province of Lecce, Santa Maria di Leuca is the southernmost tip of Salento and is striking for its colors and the unreal silence that surrounds the church to which it owes its name - first sanctuary, today basilica - also called Santa Maria De finibus terrae (of the end of the world), based on an ancient belief that considered it to be at the limit of all emerged lands.

Santa Maria di Leuca is thus the name that identifies the area of the promontory on which the Basilica stands together with the famous lighthouse (48 meters high, 102 above sea level), while the Marina di Leuca is located further down and is included between Punta Mèliso to the east, located at the foot of the promontory, and Punta Ristola to the west.
The unreal silence that surrounds the Basilica, fortified in 1700 against Turkish and Saracen assaults, must not be misleading: Leuca is a populous seaside area, with an ancient port and a fabulous promenade, full of oleanders and villas in liberty style often mixed to an eclectic Moorish style.
The nineteenth-century villas, although profoundly modified by the events of the Second World War – when they were adapted to accommodate displaced people and use decorative balustrades and railings to produce weapons – are still today a great element of attraction for tourists and are opened in May. .

Geographical location

Puglia, Italy

How to get there


From Lecce, west ring road, exit Gallipoli and continue to Santa Maria di Leuca along the Strada Statale 101. Once in Gallipoli, continue along the state road 274 to Leuca. Or east ring road, direction Maglie Leuca, take the state road 16 to Maglie and then the state road 275 to Leuca.

The reference airport is Brindisi’s “Papola Casale” airport, the Salento airport, located about 100 km from Leuca. The connections with the main Italian cities are guaranteed by several airlines, which also guarantee the route with numerous low cost flights. From Brindisi it is possible to move towards Lecce, or directly to Santa Maria di Luca, through the transfer service which costs 90 euros.

From Lecce, the terminus of the State Railways, it is necessary to use the local transport networks, provided by the south-east railways, to reach the Gagliano del Capo station, located 5 km from Leuca.

What we love the most

The Beaches in Leuca and surroundings
Ciolo Bridge
The Villas
Monumental waterfall
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