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December 17, 2020 · IN THE DISCOVER LEUCA

The success and beauty of Leuca is mainly due to the sea and the extraordinary variety of its stretch of coast: within a few kilometers you can find wild and mysterious cliffs, suggestive and fascinating coves, endless expanses of very clear sand.

This is certainly also thanks to the particular geographical position in which the village rises, that is, at the exact meeting point between the Salento Adriatic coast, decidedly harsh and prominent, and the Ionian one, sweeter and more sinuous (we know that the border between the due mari is uncertain and lends itself to different interpretations …).


The sea of ​​Leuca therefore manages to satisfy every type of visitor, need, desire: from those looking for a quiet corner to relax during their well-deserved holidays, to those looking for a worldly beach for pure fun, to those who spend their holidays with all the family, to those looking for the adrenaline of extreme sport on the wild coasts.

In the inhabited center of Santa Maria di Leuca, through the seafront, it is possible to access various establishments, which over time have become the reference point for local bathers, as well as an evening and night meeting point, having also extended their function to worldly pubs and bars. However, these are equipped beaches, easily accessible through wooden structures and complete with every comfort for tourists: this is the case, for example, of the historic Lido Azzurro, Lido Samarinda or Lido Giulia.

Moving on the Adriatic side we find the splendid town of Ciolo, a real fjord that attracts thousands of tourists every year thanks to the unique spectacle it offers: from the very high bridge that joins the two overhanging cliffs that form the canyon, there is in fact a breathtaking view, with the adrenaline setting of reckless dives and a nature as wild as it is fascinating. From the bridge, which can be traveled by car, you can access a staircase that leads down to the inlet of the sea.

Going up the Ionian coast, a few kilometers from Leuca we find the Marina di Felloniche, which belongs to the municipality of Patù. This town has received some attention only recently, so much so that it was almost untouched and wild until the 1960s.

This is why it is particularly suitable for those tourists who prefer to avoid places and beaches that are too crowded, while not giving up services and infrastructures that ensure a certain type of comfort.

Although the Felloniche inlet is mainly made up of a rocky coast, access to the sea is gentle and not difficult, and there is no lack of sandy stretches. It is therefore possible to use the typical services of the equipped beaches, such as the rental of canoes and sports equipment.